What To Do In London Ontario

I get it. You've come to check out some figure skating and found yourself in London, Ontario. A long way from home and, well - seems like there's not much to do. That's fine. I'm not going to lie - as a lifelong Londoner I have felt the same from time-to-time, but let me assure you there is a LOT more going on then my first be apparent. This is not a definitive guide by any stretch of the imagination. Still, I'll give you an idea of where to start and, energy permitting, give you a couple of better resources below.

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MORRISSEY HOUSE: Go for dinner and/or drinks here! It's a few blocks from the event - but well worth it. Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for the place - but I maintain it is not unfounded. A great selection of beers on tap, wine, scotch - and don't even get me started on the food. The fish and chips and meatloaf are both crowd favourites - but it was the short braised ribs that have made me wonder what I had been doing with my life up until trying them. I've said enough - if you're not convinced yet - chances are you never will be.

IGNITE LONDON: This one is time specific. Wednesday (March 13, 2013) to be specific. I suppose at first it appears to London, Ontario specific as well - but I'm not as sure that's the case. While the goal is to raise  collective IQ and building connections in our city - I think the ideas are applicable to any city. Admittedly, you'll have to travel a little further from the core, but past experience has taught me its a trip worth taking. If it's not already full (its free) you can register HERE. (While I'm  not going to post it yet again - here's one of my fave talks HERE.)

"The Tree of Light": This is the light show deal. Chances are if you're a tourist here - but I thought I'd mention it just in case - might as well go all in - here's what it is …

DOWNTOWN: FIrst of all, you're down there anyway. In addition, they have a WAY better list than you'll find here. There is a LOT of great places downtown and the only reason I won't start naming places is that I wouldn't know where to stop. It's tempting of course - but have a look around - they're hid in in plain sight.

#LdnOnt: I'm sure by Thursday you're going to want to just chill out and check out some Canadian beer. Well, you're in luck! The local TV show #LdnOnt has something for everyone! Mindless babble for the guys and a total hunk for the ladies. (Worth noting: I'm a tad biased.) Regardless, I'm pretty sure we're one of the only towns with our own TV show named after our city's hashtag - but I'm sure not for long.

In closing, (I got my plug in) there is actually a LOT to do here. Consider checking out "Richmond Row:, the Western campus, the parks - there is a LOT to see. Without having given it much thought - in a advance, here's some other places to find out what is going on - welcome to #LdnOnt and have fun!




That's all - I'm out. Have fun this week - I know I will!