Watch Out Brad Pitt

Let's be clear ... I'm NOT an actor. However, I do like to help out where I can ... and I do LOVE London (Ontario). So when I heard the local college (Fanshawe) was looking for actors to be in there student films - hell, I was on board. In fact, I just returned from the film festival. While I cannot show the entire films ... I can now share a bit.

The first film I agreed to be in because the script was awesome ... here's a clip from "Plagiarism" ...

It's a great movie and got a HUGE response (positive) at the festival. The next film I did (I turned down the rest- time issues) I can now freely admit that I took because I thought was going to be terrible -- well, it ending up being awesome. An instant classic! Don't believe me? Hell, check out the trailer for yourself! (NSFW)

Anyway, I had SO much fun that my plan is to do one a year film per year going forward. Live in London? Not only will I be having a screening party of the films above - I'd highly suggest you all do the same! I had a great time tonight. Thanks to everyone involved with both films - absolutely great times!