So you're not on twitter ...

Listen old timer - no big deal. Honestly, Facebook is fine too. It's okay - the following post will tell you everything you might be missing on twitter - you know, to save you the 30 seconds it takes to sign up.


What's that? Google+? Yes, I' there as well. It's alright I guess. If not a little ... ummm ... lonely. Anyway, back on point ... twitter. I could likely list a LOT of things ... but for the sake of brevity let's whittle it down to the top 5:

1) Celebrities believe that you are interested in what they think: Self-explanatory.

2) Some people are funny: I could list a bunch but where would I stop? Just follow who I follow and you'll be OK.

3) Companies and businesses want you to know about every time their or product is mentioned: Really, can you blame them?

4) Breaking News?: Yep - twitter is the place to be.

5) What's for lunch? The rumours are true. You will know what everyone you (barely) know had for every meal.

Honourable mention: "The Situation" from Jersey Shore will retweet you if it's your birthday and you ask nicely.

OK -that's 6. We are done here. Well ... I am.