I Bill-ieve!

Am I a Bills fan? Damn straight. In fact, chances are if you are reading this then you already knew that. Been a fan since Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Talley ... hell, even Christie. But Canucklehead you might ask ... certainly, given your youthful disposition means you've been a fan for your entire life?!!! Sadly, no. I was a Lions fan before that (read: Barry Sanders) and actually a 49ers fan before that- well, briefly.

Being a Bills fan has been at times, well ... unpleasant. Hell, it very well might still be but they're my team for good now - for better or for worse. So when I say for good, well it also mean for bad. When Doug Flutie went to SanDiego I asked my loyalty to follow - but to no avail. On it goes. Anyway, in short - wan to jump on a bandwagon?


It is old, but hardly used! The bandwagon that is. Anyway, my current sobriety level has mandated that I bring this post to a quick close. The recent loss aside - well. my Bills have looked pretty good. No can type good - be back soon.

Go Bills!