Drinking with Myself

I often read that drinking alone is a major sign of alcoholism. Whoa - depressing start! Do I drink alone? Sure. You see, my wife isn't much of a drinker anymore and my kids are not only too young (six and three respectively) but I also suspect they'd by sloppy drunks.

Beer. Wine. Bloody Caesars. Scotch. The list is virtually endless. As are the compelling reasons for drinking with yourself: good conversation, more booze for yourself, total control of the music and of course the sex is always how you like it. Well, mostly. Anyway, grab yourself your adult beverage of choice and have a peek at this ...

So, would I have a drink with myself? I mean, not like I do know - but a actual second physical me sitting in a bar? Hell, yes! I'm smart, charismatic  and great conversation. I'd likely spend the whole night trying to impress myself and win me over. While I'm a happily married man who identifies as straight - well, there's an outside chance I'd try to take me home!

It's no secret that I play well with others ... that is to say that I'm quite popular at parties. Well, maybe that is not quite the right word - how about entertaining. Trying to entertain myself would be an epic showdown - with each of me trying to outdo the other. Man, I'm excited (and a little scared) just thinking about it. What a night!

I like the commercial above mainly because it offered me a chance to do something that I do precious little of - self-reflection. I'm convinced that I would LOVE to drink with myself sometime. So, well ....


I'd love to hear from you below - let me know. In the meantime, well ... my buddy here thinks it time for a drink ... CHEERS!